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Our Auction Method

RE/MAX Group Auctioneers combines 30+ years of real estate experience as brokers, developers, property managers, and auctioning. Our auction method has been honed over time and is proven.  Our years of experience also brings financial and legal expertise to provide you with the best selling solution.  As auctions grow both in person and online, we have the experience to drive your auction to be a success.  Many think auctions will become the preferred method of selling real estate and liquidating assets in the 21st century.

RE/MAX Group Auctioneers is a full-service auction marketing company that provides a complete menu of services to choose from.  We offer templates or customized marketing programs to meet your specific needs.  We can handle your auction no matter the size.  From lots of personal property to multi-million dollar land and estates, we have done it all.

We will explain all phases of the auction process to you and answer any questions you may have.

Turn Key Auction Method - Our office handles everything from start to finish.

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Auction Day

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Custom Marketing Materials

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Our 10 Step Process

The initial meeting is set up when you call RE/MAX Group Auctioneers at one of our regional offices or contact one of our auctioneers.

We conduct an on-site inspection and evaluation of your property.

We present you with a written proposal detailing your auction date, location, time, advertising costs, auction commission, all other related expenses.

Both parties sign a written agreement once the proposal terms are agreed upon.

The profits from your property are maximized by our strong advertising and promotional program. Implementation of the marketing plan begins once the written agreement is signed.

Site preparation begins well in advance of your auction so that it is presented in the best possible condition. Equipment or inventory will also be inspected to determine repairs, cleaning, painting, etc.

If you have equipment or inventory, we arrange it so that it is shown to its best advantage during inspection.

On auction day our auctioneers, bid assistants, cashiers and auction clerks will manage the auction and record all transactions.

An important part of the professionalism with which we close our auctions is the fast, accurate and honest manner in which we make our settlements.

Immediately after your auction, our accounting staff begins closing our books and finalizing all paper work. Your check generally arrives within days of your auction.

RE/MAX Group Auctioneers conducts auctions throughout the United States, with the Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan areas included in our territory. We specialize in getting top dollar for your assets, as well as settling auctions in a timely and accurate manner.

Land Auctions

We are a full service auction company with expertise across the board when it comes to types of properties and items we have auctioned in the past.  Farm land and parcel sales are very popular and a specialty of ours.  Being in a semi-rural area that has been growing and having large tracts of land developed, we have a great deal of practice in selling land at auction.

Real Estate Auctions

Homeowners also need to sell their homes, and our auction method is a proven way of doing it.  Whether it is a family who is moving and wants to sell quickly or a creditor that has foreclosed, homes are perfect for auctions because they are guaranteed to sell in 30 days and close in 30 more.  This certainly beats sitting on a home a year or more waiting for it to sell.

Commercial property

Our auction method works wonderfully for commercial property.  If you have a successful business and are ready to move on or retire, “why auction your property”…because who wants to delay retiring?  In addition to selling your commercial property, including the contents and inventory, we have proven marketing plans to bring in the most buyers so that your property is hotly contested and you get a great price.

Equipment and Personal Property Auctions

Equipment, cars, motorcycles, and other types of property are also popular at auctions.  Over the years, we have had the opportunity to do it all.  Guns, ammo, and knives are items that bring huge crowds.  Collectibles such as coins, baseball cards, etc can also bring the right crowd using our marketing methods.  Furniture, appliances, and tools bring out people who are looking for great deals.  Because of the competitive nature, they spend more for your items than you could get selling them one at a time and they still get a better deal than if they were to look in the paper or online for months.

Estate Auctions

We also handle estate sales when loved ones pass away.  This is an extremely tough time for the family and worrying about what to do with all the stuff is something many people do not have the time to do.  Selling estates at auction is another area we are proud to be able to help our clients with. We are able to sell your family estate quickly and bring you more money than you would think using our auction method.  This helps bring closure to a very unpleasant time in your life.

Selling can be stressful.  Oftentimes this is made even worse because the reasons for selling come as a result of stressful times in life.  Homes can take months to sell, depending on the market.  Have you ever planned a yard sale only to have it rained out?  When you finally do have one, you spend all day haggling with buyers over insultingly low offers.  At the end of the day, half of your items don’t sell and you have to carry it all back inside to try again later or spend long hours listing on eBay or Craigslist.  Don’t add this extra time, work, or stress to your life.  Contact RE/MAX Group Auctioneers and let us take care of it for you.

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