Sell at an Auction 

Let us make things fast and easy for you

So you have decided you want to sell at an auction.  You have made a great choice.  Since most people are not familiar with auctions, we will guide you through the process.  We take pride in making the auction process as simple for our sellers as possible. The good news is that selling at an auction is growing in popularity!

We have a proven method of selling at an auction that outlines everything you will need to do.  Your list of tasks to prepare for the auction are very simple, and are not much different than if you were selling the traditional way.  Our list of tasks is much longer, but rest assured we have the staff and experience to handle them.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss the property you would like to sell at an auction.  We will provide you with suggestions based on our experience. From there, we will schedule a time to review and inspect your property. Based on our inspection, we will tell you the things you will need to do to prepare your property to sell at an auction.  Most of these tasks will be cleaning and maintenance related.  Items that show well sell well. Our job is to get you the most money for your property, and this is the first step.

We take care of the rest for you. We will catalog and tag your items. Marketing and advertising is also provided by our staff in conjunction with various media companies.  Set up and take down will also be handled by our staff. 

Once the auction sale has completed, we help you through the closing process as well.  We take every step to ensure you get paid very promptly.

If you have an agent or broker who has listed your property, but it has not sold, you can still sell at an auction. Mention our broker participation program. Selling at an auction can help move your slow selling property very quickly. You will have the burden of stress taken away and your agent can still earn commission on the sale.